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Awais z družino(Pakistan)

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Our experience for the family photoshoot with Dusan has been above excellent. His professionalism and commitment started from the time I discussed with him about family photography in which our little child may get uncooperative.

He had been very responsive and attentive to the surroundings, as well as his methodology of capturing scenes was very professional. He had been very supportive and guided us thoroughly how to properly present ourselves for certain lighting conditions, portraits, landscape blurring, candid shots and solo's. His editing made the photos bright, colorful and pop out our intrinsic happiness and family bonding. In all the scenarios, he always had a perfect photo or pose in mind. He was very generous with the photo collection too and we got our pictures within a couple days for which I am very thankful that he managed in his extremely busy season.

Overall, I would rate him 11/10 and so far he has been my best photographer find in Slovenia.

I am persuaded to book surely him for any upcoming events in the future.

Thank you very much Dusan.

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